Not "Just a Bison"

Driving through Yellowstone means my eyes are glued out the window, scanning and searching for any sign of wildlife. We all know that I'm hoping to find a bear, a Grizzly would be wonderful. But mostly, the large, dark brown figures end up being Bison. I consciously make sure I never say, "Oh, it's just a Bison." Some of my favorite images are those of Bison, and I have spent hours just sitting and watching them roam. I would do that every day if I could.

If I could, I'd snuggle up the Bison that are resting in the sun. If I could, I'd roll around in the dirt with them. If I could, I'd press my forehead against the forehead of a Bison. If I could, I'd leave today to spend the rest of forever roaming the park with them, as one of the herd.

But I don't do this, I leave them to be as untouched by human presence as much as possible. I use a couple trusty cameras to have the experiences I have with my friends, the Bison. And hopefully, I come out with photographs I can share with you, so you can, in some way, feel what I feel when in their presence.

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