Hello and welcome! My name is Brianna, but you'll find that most everyone calls me Bri. I have been a wildlife photographer for almost 10 years and I've been doing weddings and portraits for 5. I'm based in beautiful Gallatin Valley where I was raised, but I have a deep love for the ocean and I was lucky enough to spend some time living in Southern California for a few years. I travel when I can, and I'm always up for an adventure with my camera in hand.

You'll find I use the word adventure, probably more than I should, but it's truly how I embrace life. Adventures aren't just long hikes that lead to stunning views, or grand trips that go to places most won't ever go; no, adventures are every day moments. We make our own adventures, and I'm here to help document them. 

Sessions are most often set outdoors, usually in a place that requires a little sense of adventure. As a lover of this Earth and the natural beauty that surrounds us, I aim to capture that beauty in your photos as well. Speaking of natural beauty, I love to photograph people as they are and in ways that make them feel their best selves. I use more prompting instead of posing to help us enjoy and capture the moments. I want our sessions to feel easy and fun, so that when you look at your photos you remember the experience and genuinely smile.

Enough about me, let's hear about your adventure and how I can help you best. You can contact me through my contact page or send me an email at bribosphotography@gmail.com and I'll be in touch. I look forward to meeting you!