Welcome! I'm so happy you've stopped by. Whether you are looking for someone to capture your adventure or you need some wildlife images to hang on your wall, I'm Bri and I'm your photographer. 

What began as a hobby easily turned into a passion. I'm fueled by adventure, authenticity, and the souls I have the privilege of photographing. The moments I capture become memories that last long after the moment has passed. Whether I'm sharing my adventures and wildlife images with others or helping someone document the moments in their own adventures, I'm in my happy place. 

The moment of finally having the opportunity to photograph a species I've never seen before. Watching young animals take their first steps into the world. Catching the looks on the faces of two people about the spend the rest of their lives together. Getting a family's love story combined in one frame. These are the moments I live for, and the moments I want to share with you and capture for you. I photograph from the heart, and I operate under the philosophy that everyone deserves beautiful photos. Everyone is welcome here.

Not only do I love spending time out with my camera, but I enjoy helping others embark on their photography journeys. If you're curious about cameras, gear, or how to get started please feel free to send me your questions. I'm more than happy to share my experience and advice to best help you with the direction you want to go in.

So, how can I best help you?

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Have questions? Feel free to contact me.

I'm here for you, to help you have the photographs you deserve.

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