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With a love for the outdoors, an eye for natural beauty, and a camera in hand --

I'm ready for your adventure.


Hi! I'm


Bri is short for Brianna, and I answer to both. Based in the beautiful Gallatin Valley where I was raised, I have been packing a camera around for about 11 years now. My love for the camera was spurred by wildlife and countless trips to Yellowstone, but 6 years ago I took the leap to start my business in wedding and family photography. 

My love for nature and all things wild intertwines itself with the way I photograph everything. I look for the natural and candid moments during a session in order create full and authentic galleries. I don't want you to feel like a stranger is just taking photos; my hope is that you'll feel a connection with me and be able to be yourself and enjoy your session, maybe even consider us to be friends by the end. 

Though I'm based in Southwest Montana, I've had the pleasure of living on the west coast in Southern California and Oregon which both enabled me to grow in photography. I have always had a deep love for the ocean, and it only seems to be getting deeper. That being said, I do travel when I'm able and I'm always ready for an adventure.


Something special about my business is that you most often get 2 photographers. My fiancé, Ricky, is also an avid photographer who accompanies me on sessions when he is able, and is most always my second photographer for weddings. Having him be part of sessions allows us to truly capture some beautiful moments. He can see something from a different angle while I'm directing you -- I am always in awe when I look through the photos he takes, and I know you will be too.

Not only does he add to the creative aspect of a session or wedding, but he will make you laugh and get you feeling comfortable. He adds a bit more humor and just is a natural stress reliever. 

We are definitely a duo that loves the outdoors, animals, and the art of photography and we cannot wait to share that with you!

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